Completed cases


Jan Clausen

Project Manager – FEKOLA Solar Hybrid Plant


"Our experience with Rise & Shine Denmark has been to our outmost satisfaction.​

All the way from planning how our Parameter Light should be implemented at our goldmine Fekola in Mali Africa, to the official documents that guarantees the 45 m/s wind speed warranty for the products, they worked very professional with no delays in complying with our requirements.

Within their scope of supply, they have easily complied with our quality requirements maintaining a reasonable price and good service."

Trotting coach Rene Kjær​


Rene Kjaer has for a year tried the product at home on his horse property on Funen with great success.

"What has been absolutely fantastic in the dark months, is that the lamp has been able to produce enough power via the panel or with the included wind turbine, so my needs have been fully covered when I had to use the light to, for example, pull the horses on fold, or came home late at night with horses that had been to races, etc.

I think it is an ingenious solution with this solar lamp that you can set up exactly where you want it in the yard, completely free of cables, contacts, etc. and since it even turns on and turns off via the sensor, you also never forget to turn off the light!

I am deeply impressed with the product and the company's serious way of dealing with a CO2 problem.

I can highly recommend this product to anyone who wants good light in an easy and cheap way.


René Kjær​"

New collaboration

RISE & SHINE hybrid lamp

​Hybrid solution does not only apply to the electric car. Self-sufficient street lighting is the latest shot at the trunk 💡🌱

We all know the term hybrid when we talk electric cars. But here is the proof that there is also a basis for a new product for the market for those who want to integrate an exciting and green product in their installation.

In collaboration with Rise & Shine Denmark ApS, Jansson El in Kolding and Esbjerg has made an experimental set-up with two luminaires at the port of Kolding, which is charged via built-in solar panels. Over a period of one month, the RS600 hybrid solar luminaire has used 4.9KWt versus 23.5KWt for a conventional street light luminaire with the same power but for significantly reduced consumption.

Søren Juul, CSO at Rise & Shine, can be seen here in the pictures with service manager Jan Juul Pedersen from in front of the existing street lighting installation.

The existing street lighting installation requires no conversion and the luminaire fits most masts without conversion.​

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