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Rise & Shine is a company started by Anders Brandt and Søren Juul.

We provide joint business experience within sales, administration, import / export, trade with and abroad, the construction industry, construction and the Danish defense. 

Our first product was the Cobra V1 & V2, a modular and lightweight mast system, combined with a 40 or 60 watt solar lamp. A product for remote focus areas such as refugee camps or military camps that could require light at night.​

In general, all the focus areas which are difficult to access in terms of power and not at least light. This led us to the collaboration with the Danish defense, with which we developed Cobra V1 & V2.

The product should be transportable, light, and manageable. The assembly and use should be possible without the use of external aids such as cement, power generator, cabling or machines. Appearance should as far as possibly resemble a lamp mast with light head, as one knows it from normal roads and squares.

It was also important that after use, you should be able to separate everything again, pack it all in a Clip-lok transport box, and send it on to a new place where the product was needed.

Based on all the criteria, we have developed the Cobra V1 & V2, which you can see and read about here on the site.

But as the energetic company Rise & Shine is, we did not stop there.

We really wanted to be able to offer Co2 neutral lighting to the home market Denmark, and therefore developed our own vertical wind turbine, as a charging aid for the solar lamp in the dark months. A very positive case came out of this on Funen, with horse coach Rene Kjær. Please see his statement under references.

Again a product with several uses. And based on all this development and experience, we have now come up with our Hybrid solar lamps.

A combination of solar charging and city grid power. Lamps which are charged all they can by the sun, but which have the option of taking city grid electricity as an alternative, if there is not enough sun during a day. A guarantee that there is light every night 365 days a year. And with a Co2 as well as power saving of 70%.!

A truly green lighting product.

If our products are of interest to you, then you are more than welcome to contact us for a non-binding conversation.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.​

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