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Innovation and improvement

Rise & shine is a sustainable and innovative company that has developed an outdoor lighting post which is both climate-friendly and self-sufficient. Our products can thus be used again and again and easily and they are conveniently to transport. 

100% Satisfied customers

When you choose rise & shine, you are supporting the environment and thus fight global warming. We care deeply about protecting our earth, and sustainability is the heart of our products. Because our products are self-sufficient, our customers help relieving the climate while saving money on conventional electricity.

Our customers early savings in electricity

542,025 DKK

Our customers have saved in Co2 annually

41,712 Kg

Why choose us

We are building a sustainable future

Denmark as a leader

Denmark is among the leading countries in the world in terms of development and distribution of renewable energy. The Danes are getting greener and greener and this is partly due to increased climate awareness and partly to the technological development within sustainable products. It is this development that we want to be a part of, so that together we can create a more sustainable future. 

​50+ Kg Co2

One ordinary street lamp, as we know it from roads and squares around Denmark, actually emits as much as 50kg of co2 a year. At rise & shine, we use solar and wind energy to generate electricity for our lamps, and thus we save the environment a large amount of co2 emissions. Solar and wind energy is today the cleanest and most co2 neutral energy source available!

100% self-sufficient and Co2 neutral

Our products are 100% self-sufficient in power via nature's own forces. This means that our product is extremely climate-friendly, and thus it is a future-proof lighting product. This means that our products are very climate friendly.

Practical design

Our products come in a nice and practical design, which makes it easy to illuminate outdoor areas. Module The mast is 5 meters long and is equipped with a ground spike, which ensures that the product maintains an upright position.

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